Carbasalate calcium soluble powder 50%
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Generic nameCarbasalate calcium soluble powder


Carbasalate calcium··················································································500g

Excipient qs··························································································1000g

DescriptionThe product is off-white powder.

IndicationUsed for fever and relief of pain in chicken.

Dosage and AdministrationMix with feed: add 500g of this product per ton of feed, continue for 2-3 days. Double dosage when seriously ill.Mix in water: add 25g of this product per 100L of water, centralized drinking water, continue for 2-3 days. Double dosage when seriously ill.

Adverse reactionsAdverse reactions are not observed at recommended dose.


(1) It should not be used together with antipyretic and analgesics of salicylic acid.

(2) Glucocorticoids can stimulate gastric acid secretion, reduce the resistance of gastric and duodenal mucosa to gastric acid, so it can exacerbate gastrointestinal bleeding when being used together with this product. Using the product and basic drugs in combination is usually inadvisable, because that would lower curative effect.

(3) A continuous application should not exceed 5 days.

(4) Do not use in layers during egg producing period.

Withdrawal periodChicken: 0 day.


StorageAvoid light and keep airtight.

Validity2 years.

Production lot No.

Production date

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