Albendazole suspension pour-on solution 2.5%
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Generic NameAlbendazole suspension pour-on solution



Excipient qs··························································································500ml

DescriptionThe product is white or off-white liquid.

IndicationUsed for the treatment of nematodiasis and stephanurosis of livestock.

Dosage and AdministrationPour or embrocate: 0.1ml per kg bodyweight for cattle, sheep and pig, pour the solution backward from shoulders along dorsal line in cattle and pig; embrocate on the inside of the back of two ears in dog and rabbit.


(1) Do not use during lactation period.

(2) Animals poisoned by this product can be detoxified by atropine and other symptomatic treatments.

Withdrawal periodPig: 7 days, sheep: 4 days, cattle: 14 days.


StorageKeep airtight and store in a dry place.

Validity2 years.

Production lot No.

Production date

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