Amitraz pour-on solution 12.5%
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Generic nameAmitraz pour-on solution



Excipient qs··························································································500ml

DescriptionThe product is yellowish transparent liquid.

IndicationThe product is used to treat acariasis, and kill ectoparasites such as ticks and lice etc.

Dosage and AdministrationCalculated on amitraz basis. Medicated bath, spray or embrocate: for livestock, prepare a solution with the concentration of 0.025%-0.05%.


(1) Horse is sensitive to the product, so it should be used with caution.

(2) It is rank poisonous for shrimp, fish and aquatic creature, package with drug residues should not pollute water.

(3) The product is irritant to skin, avoid contact with skin and eyes.

(4) Do not use during lactation.

Withdrawal periodCattle, sheep: 21 days, pig: 8 days, withdrawal period for milk: 48 hours.


StorageKeep airtight and store in a dry place.

Validity2 years.

Production lot No.

Production date

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