Compound multi-vitamin premix
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  • Author:Zhejiang BornSun Medicine Co., Ltd.
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Guaranteed values of nutritional ingredients (per kg of the product):

Carotene——1200mg                             VC——50000mg

Selenium yeast——150mg                     Biotin——300mg

VA——5000000IU                                 Folic acid——700mg

VD3——3000000IU                               Lysine——100000mg

VE——20000mg                                    Arginine——40000mg

VK3——500mg                                      Valine——40000mg

Compostion: This product consists of carotene, L-carnitine, selenium yeast, chromium picolinate, VA, VD3, VE, VK3, VC, biotin, folic acid, lysine, arginine and valine, which are needed by breeding pig to improve production performance.

Function: (1) Completely supplement various vitamins and amino acids related to the reproductive performance of breeding pig.

                 (2) Promote the ovulation and estrus of sow, shorten the breeding interval of sow.

                 (3) Promote the embryo development of sow, improve the litter size and piglets’ uniformity.

                 (4) Improve the semen quality of boar.

Dosage and Administration:Gilt and pregnant sow, 0.5-1.5kg/t feed. Lactation and weaning to estrus, 0.8-2kg/t feed. Boar, 1-3kg/t feed.

Packing: 1000g/bag.

Storage: Airproof and keep in a dry place.

Validity: 2 years.

Production lot No.:

Production date:

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