Amoxicillin soluble powder 10%
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Generic nameAmoxicillin soluble powder                                



Excipient qs··························································································1000g

DescriptionThe product is white or off-white powder.

IndicationAntibiotics. Used in chickens for the infection caused by bacteria, which are sensitive to Penicillin.

Dosage and AdministrationPig: Mix with feed, add 1000g of the product per ton of feed, once a day, continue for 3-5 days; for prevention, add 500g of the product per ton of feed, continue for 5-7 days.

PrecautionThis product is unstable in water, so solutions should be prepared just before use.

Withdrawal periodChicken: 7 days. Do not use in layers during egg producing period.


StorageStore in a cool and dry place, avoid light and keep airtight.

Validity2 years.

Production lot No.

Production date

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